Bad Faith

I recently worked with a candidate who I believe acted in bad faith toward me and my client.

The candidate received an offer. The offer included a fair deadline, as all offers should.

At this point, the candidate sought my counsel on extending the deadline. It seemed that she had three final round interviews with other companies- on the other coast- scheduled for the week after her offer would expire.

She confided that believed she would receive at least one offer out of three final round interviews, but she told me that she was unlikely to accept any of the competitive offers, because she was geographically tied to the location of my client’s offer. She shared the the competitive offers were likely to be for more money, but she could not see accepting them because of her geographic constraints. In fact, in past conversations with me, she had asked not to be referred for roles outside of the metro area of my client.

I advised her that my client had a suitable backup candidate. The client preferred her, but didn’t want to lose her and a highly qualified runner-up.

I advised her that because my client wanted her, the client had maxed out the compensation permitted for her seniority band, and would be unable to renegotiate even if she got a competitive offer.

I asked her to consider if this was the right job for her. If she had a reservation, I asked to know it. If she did not, she had their best offer in hand, and it did not make sense to jeopardize it to collect a few more offers that she would have to decline anyway.

A few hours later, she called me to say that the position with my client was the right one for her career development, she had no reservations, and was excited to accept. She thanked me for counsel, and told me that she was confident she had made the right decision.

On the Monday morning following her week of interviews on the other coast, she called my client to “rescind” her acceptance.

She never had the decency to reach out to me again.

I believe that she decided that she was going to go to the week of other interviews, that she lied to me about her geographic preference to lend credibility to her interest in my client, and that she believed that the only way to keep my client’s offer on the table was to disingenuously accept it.

I won’t be working with this candidate ever again, and I told her so.

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